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17 July 2012 @ 09:31 am
justasub361 just needs an education  
I woke up early today to find this in my collarme inbox:

So you're a “financial Dom,” you mean you're a Domme. In other words your a prostitute, prostitution is not legal and can get you at least one year in prison,

Go work the streets and get off this site you are not wanted on this site.

You don't like that I call you a prostitute then move on and get off this site.

Also it's only a small amount of time before we lock you up, and we will do this, we know who you are and we have your profile as proof that you are soliciting.

When you see the shiny badge you will know what I'm saying.

Have a nice day as this may be the last day that is free for you.

I like how scary he's trying to be. I could have torn him a new one, but I realized he's just a child who needs his hand held. However, he blocked me (real brave of you) so I'll just have to post my response here:
ROTFL oh son....baby....let me explain some things to you.

First of all, till I see that shiny gold telling me you're an admin, you have no business speaking for this site. Second, judging by the fact that I already have over a hundred messages from slaves actively seeking a blackmail or findomme relationship, and by the fact that the TOS explicitly states that FinDommes are welcome here, I am indeed very much wanted on this site. It is you who are the problem.

Now I am going to explain some things to you so can understand how our legal system, and our cultural definitions, work.

First of all, yes, I am a sex worker. I have been so for a long time. What is a sex worker? Anyone who sells a sexual kind of service. ProDommes/Dominatrixes like me are a kind of sex worker. Strippers are sex workers. Geishas are sex workers. Porn Stars are sex workers. Cam girls are sex workers. Phone sex line operators are sex workers. And all of these professions are absolutely legal! :) Even erotic massage with a happy ending, which I used to do, is legal. It is my SLAVES who are sometimes uncomfortable with the fact that I am a sex worker---they would like to think I am special somehow, but I am not. But also, yes, prostitution is sex work, and it is NOT legal---the law defines sex as anything involving a penis going into an orifice (which is rather hetero-sexist and phallocentric, don't you think? I'd like the definition expanded myself). Having this kind of sex for money, when it isn't in porn (wtf) is illegal----still, most cops understand that this is unfair, and these days mostly only prosecute the pimps if any are involved, or people who traffick minors or illegal immigrants. The law will eventually change----prostitution is legal in several first world countries in Europe, including the UK and Amsterdam. Because it is legal there, prostitutes are able to report violent clients to the police, are able to get regular testing, and report their income on their taxes. I consider prostitutes my sisters; I believe that any woman has the right to do with her body whatever she wants so long as it is with another consenting adult, so no, I'm not at all insulted when you call me a prostitute. But legally, I am not one, and never have been, so no I don't think the police will be paying me a visit any time soon :) However they may use my services!

I hope that cleared some things up for you. Have a nice day!