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27 July 2012 @ 11:48 am
Just woke up from my 3some!  
We're down to the final week before everything has to be moved in. What with illustration deadlines, a house that is full of unpacked boxes, and the unrelenting torrent of losers hoping to score a free wank by trying to get me to talk to them without first paying tribute, your Goddess was feeling pretty frazzled.


It's been what, 3 weeks? 10 pages of losers wasting my time. Maybe 4 subs have actually been worth the air they breathed. When I refuse to engage with shit-eating subs trying to make me talk about their fetishes without paying me, they get angry and call me a whore, and claim that "women like me are just here to beg men like them for money".

Generally, sexist slurs and insulting what I do is a good way to get me to tell you to kill yourself, and to get blocked. It's astounding how misogynist some slaves are at their core, how entitled they really feel to a Domme's time and energy. They think We're here for them, when it's actually the other way around. I certainly don't "beg" anyone for money---just like a doctor doesn't beg patients to pay for the care they need. If you can't pay or aren't insured, a doctor doesn't have to treat you. Why should I talk to any pathetic freak who calls himself a slave if he can't send proper tribute?

Fortunately, there are SOME slaves who know how the real world works and their place in it. My new slave Hi was so eager to serve me that he told me to contact him once the book he'd bought off my wishlist had arrived. Lucky for him, it arrived yesterday!


Anyways, I finally got a chance to relax when Mistress Genie showed up for dinner. You may remember her as the fellow Domme I do panty and sock auctions with on occasion, and the Lady with whom I go riding. She's newly single and excited to have lots of new sexy adventures :) I cooked herbed chicken breast with golden potatoes, she brought the pinot noir, and a box full of toys! After dinner we were feeling pretty buzzed, and went up to the bedroom. While my Man was putting dishes away, Mistress Genie and I conspired. As soon as my Man came upstairs, we stripped him and shackled him to the bed. We then lay on top of him and started making out with each other, while he could only watch and feel our bodies writhing against him. Mistress Genie played with my pert tits and pussy, and then it was her turn to lay back and enjoy. She pumped my man's cock in her hand while I suckled her plump breasts and ate her sweet pussy out. It's been so long since I've gone down on a girl, I was in heaven! My Man has always wanted to see Mistress Genie and I fuck, and he was so hard and ready by the time Mistress Genie came all over my face. Asking her what she'd like to do next, she replied that she'd never pegged a man before....


Mistress Genie wears my purple Feeldoe and leather harness, with my feet in the foreground. We unshackled my Man's legs from the bed, and Mistress Genie bent his legs and roped his calves to his thighs. My Man is no newcomer to pegging, but he was in for a rough ride as Mistress Genie plunged her purple silicone cock into his ass. Her powerful muscular body rode him as I knelt over his face and he ate me out; I twisted back to pump his cock, and when he came he shot cum all up my back.

Exhausted and spent, the three of us headed to the shower for a nice rinse off, and then collapsed into bed. Any losers reading knows he could only DREAM of being mistreated so badly by two beautiful young Goddesses such as ourselves. Open your wallets and feel your Goddess drain you of the only thing your worth---your cash!