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06 September 2012 @ 03:59 pm
fuckface gregg.roland / NEW SHOES!  
gregg.roland:can i suck your toes

Kitty Hot:Can you not read? $20 paypal/amazon gc before messaging me.

gregg.roland:can you not use your skills to blackmail me and make sure you get money for the rest of my life

Kitty Hot:Lol EVERY blackmail slave says that.

Kitty Hot:Pay tribute and THEN we can talk about blackmail.

gregg.roland:i suppose i just need a Goddess to spend 10 min with me taking all the information she wants while making me horny and then turning on me and focing me to do what she says

Kitty Hot:$20 gets you my blackmail form, which you fill out with all your personal info and send back.

Kitty Hot:Do you realize the likelihood of you giving me false info for 10 min and then signing off after you orgasm?

Kitty Hot:It's up there with the likelihood that the earth is fucking round.

gregg.roland:yes Goddess i do realize that but you know what i have had a few beers already am getting horny would send you pics of me to use once you get me to that stage telling me you just want to laugh at me

Kitty Hot:You are not listening to me.

Kitty Hot:20$

Looking through my chat history, it seems like Gregg.roland can't remember which Dommes he contacts, because I gave him my rules several times. I'm starting to think I just need a shitlist tag. Some other Findoms and blackmail queens have come to me with their own stories about these time wasters making the rounds, and it seems logical to just have a shitlist posted online. Ladies, feel free to contact me with your shitlist so we can compile.

In other shitlist news, I just got off the phone with Piero D'Aloisio 's HR department. This scumbag used to buy panties from me, but then he found out my real name and friended me on FB, pretending to be JUST a fan of my editorial art. He paid for some art prints, but was incessantly emailing me, trying to chat me up on Facebook, and when I de-friended him for being creepy and annoying  he DEMANDED that I re-friend him. The guy was a giant red flag, and tbh just by the way he talked to me I was pretty sure he was a former fetish client of mine. He finally came clean and told me he was a client, and I tore him a new asshole for daring to cross that client/sex-worker line into my personal life. I told him to never contact me again, obviously. At the time he seemed remorseful, but then sure enough a month later he emails me again, saying "sorry to bother you, I just thought you'd find this link funny! ha ha!" as if we were pals!

So rather than pointlessly asking him again to respect my wishes, I contacted his workplace---Arc Productions in Toronto. I got on the phone with their HR department and told them EVERYTHING, all about his stalking and harassment. They knew who he was and sounded shocked and very uncomfortable, but I was told the appropriate actions would be taken.

Remember, creep, I have your real name, your email addresses, and your home address. Stop fucking with me.


This post would be a real downer if that was all I had to say, BUT some of you know how to treat a Goddess right!

Slave Maddruma sent me $45 out of the blue and I rewarded him by sitting over my ipad cam so he could pretend I was sitting on his face! Lucky boy got to see my pretty pussy in all its live glory.

Saturday I'll be getting a pedicure done thanks to Slave B's tribute, and my newest slave Anthony sent me $62 for a beautiful pair of vintage cinnamon colored suede boots with pheasant feathers at the ankles, perfect for autumn!

I wonder what I'll get with my new $100 amazon gc from the blackmail loser in my last post? Maybe I can finally buy a high-end vibe for myself :)