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07 September 2012 @ 12:29 pm
Fucking stalkers!  
I haven't slept all night and just came up with the courage to write this now as I feel I have no other option.
What you wrote and did is literally killing me and I'm asking for your help. Let me explain please.
In late February 2009, after being without work for 8 months, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst shakes and sweat I've ever
experienced. This lasted for 2 days where I could not sleep a wink. I decided to go to a walk in clinic.
They diagnosed that I had hypertenison (high blood pressure). They put me on medication. Then came the
day I will never forget. May 7 2009. I was walking to work at my current job after only being there 2 weeks.
I suffered a heart attack. Let me tell you it's not the most pleasant thing to experience. I was off work for some time.
They could have easily let me go after that as I was still in my "probation" period. They didn't. They opened their arms
to me and helped me deal with this horrible thing that a young man should not have to deal with. I owe them my life.
I have been pretty good since then. Obviously changing my diet and lifestyle along the way.
When I saw your post it was almost like that night in late February. I can feel my blood pressure skyrocketing.
I'm asking you as one human being to another to please remove it. [KITTY'S REAL NAME] I know I was wrong in what I did in
the past but you know I never meant any harm. I genuinely thought you were a cool person and loved your artwork. That's it.
I don't know why I wrote you a few weeks ago. Maybe it was to see if you accepted my apology. Trust me I felt horrible. I'm off work today
so I guess I'll deal with what they have to say next week. I'm not looking forward to it as I feel I let them down in some way.
My main concern right now is my health. Please find it in your heart to help my heart. I'm going to try to forget any of this
ever happened. Again I'm sorry for contacting you again but I hope you'll understand I have no other option. I want to live.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. If you want me to provide proof of anything medical related please don't hesitate to ask.

What do you think, pigs, should I have pity on my stalker because he has health problems and he doesn't want his work to know what a creepy fucking stalker he is?

Here is my response. Normally I wouldn't respond to him at all, but after sending it I blocked him entirely.

You don't listen when a woman says no. You don't listen when a woman says no MULTIPLE TIMES. That makes you, despite your best intentions, a creep. That's the sort of shit that defines a rapist, and abusers. You think you somehow have the right to talk to me whenever you want, and it doesn't matter if you scare the fuck out of me because YOU know you're a good guy, right? That displays a stunning lack of empathy on your part. You don't respect my "no", you don't respect my "do not ever contact me again".

You fucked up, and you continue to fuck up by emailing me LONG after I told you explicitly "do not ever contact me again." I don't have any sympathy for you at all---and you coming to me and asking for some sympathy means you TRULY DO NOT UNDERSTAND why what you're doing is creepy and stalkerish.

Your intentions do not matter at all. How dare you demand anything of me. The post stays up, and I hope you DO feel horrible---maybe then you'll learn to respect women and listen to them when they tell you to STOP CONTACTING THEM.

In closing, here is a really well written, helpful guide on creepy behavior and how not to be a creep: http://captainawkward.com/2012/08/11/the-c-word/#more-3779 Read it like it's the holy book of your new religion. AND STOP FUCKING CONTACTING ME.