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05 January 2013 @ 04:01 pm
I want these shoes.  


Alright. I want these shoes.  $145. Size 7. I'll wear them with black skinny jeans and a billowy silk floral blouse, or with grey tights and a 50's shirtwaist dress. I was born to wear that peach pink.

So what do you want?

A gift box full of my wettest, filthiest panties?

My used vibrator, still covered in my juices?

A box full of my nasty gym sneakers?

A bag of smelly socks and panty-hose?

A video of me bringing myself over the edge?

Make a request; email me @ kittyhot18@yahoo.com, or comment here (comments are screened). If your terms suit me, I'll tell you where to ship them.



PS. I'm keeping up more with my regular blog here; if you want more updates for when I do auctions, and ESPECIALLY if you want to see more pics of me, go there.