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14 January 2013 @ 07:54 pm
Kitty's Creamy Pink Fullbacks, My favorite color!  

New auction! Bid Here to Win! From the item description:

"Hello boys, You're bidding on a pair of pink fullback panties, made out of a stretchy cotton material. These are definitely for guys who like full coverage! Very comfortable for me to wear all day and sleep in at night. It's been unseasonably warm here in Baltimore, but I'm still sleeping in my soft thick flannel sheets. My days are so hectic and filled with deadlines that in the evening I have to play with my pussy in order to relax and fall asleep. I love the feel of teasing myself through my panties, spreading my moisture around the cotton crotch hugging my pussy lips, surrounded by my soft flannel sheets, which trap my mounting body heat and create a sauna beneath the covers, contrasting with the cool air on my face and breasts. When I can't take it anymore, I pull my panties aside and assault my defenseless clit, now humming with anticipation. I bring myself to the very edge before backing off, stroking my swollen nether lips and flicking my engorged nipples, before diving back into action. Eventually my body can no longer resist my prolonged assault, and I am driven over the edge, arching my back as I feel my pussy flood with thick cream. It's only afterwards, while I lay panting and sweaty, that I wonder if the neighbors could hear my cries. I almost instantly fall asleep, often before I can even unglue my fingers/vibrator from my pussy! The next morning I am treated to the sight of a giant dollop of congealed pussy-juice in the center of a big moist diamond on the crotch of my panties. My panties can be yours if you bid and win! The knowledge that some man out there can't wait to lick and suck every droplet of my juices out of the panties I'm wearing right now gets me so wet and hot. I want to see you fight for the right to suck every last particle of my Goddess juices off the crotch of these filthy, nasty, smelly panties. Jerk yourself as you inhale my pungent Goddess scents emenating from my dirtiest places!"