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16 July 2012 @ 04:45 pm

who wants to do a teamviewer session with their Goddess? My UK slave had to cancel at the last minute; I'll be on for a few more hours and I want to SHOP!

message me at kittyhot18 on yahoo.


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My Man is out of town for a whole week and my vibrator just broke. Here's your chance to get into my good graces----send me the money for any one of these vibrators I've added to my wishlist, and once it arrives you'll get a clip of me using it on myself. IF you impress me.

You work hard all day in a thankless job I'm sure, but you know deep down that your money is really MY money, and that you were put on this earth to spoil and worship Me, your Goddess. What better way to show your devotion than to give me the cash needed to bring myself to ecstacy? It's all you little piggies are good for; it's not like that little prick of yours could actually satisfy any woman.

And for all you cucks out there hoping to get noticed, here's your chance to show how much my Man's cock deserves to be worshipped over yours:

But if you want that clip you have to send me the money before midnight tomorrow, July 16 2012. I accept paypal or venmo in this case; I DO NOT accept amazon giftcards since these are all on a 3rd part sex toy store.

Email me: kittyhot18@yahoo.com
message me on yahoo: kittyhot18

Impress me, pigs.
15 July 2012 @ 05:48 pm

I don't know how anyone could be so stupid as to use their REAL NAME and REAL PHOTO while scamming a dominatrix out of her fee.....but this guy did, and now his entire family is going to know just how much he loves his step daughter.



Kerry Postlewaite spent all morning bribing me to take down the posts I'd made about him. He finally sent me a $100 gift card...little did he know that only bought him a month of my compliance! On October 6 I repost everything, including his little bribe pity-party below:

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:40 PM ): Hey. This is me from other account. I did see awhile back you posted me on the net for not tributing??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:45 PM ):‎ "This is me from another account"? how the hell should I know who you are from that.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:45 PM ):‎ be a little more specific

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ Step daughter. Apparently i was on sleep pills. I'm sorry about all that

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:46 PM ):‎ Oh christ you.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:48 PM ):‎ Yes. How did i offend you??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ Except I've heard from multiple other women that you do the same thing to them; they commented on my lj about your stupid "paypal story"
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ you're not sorry
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ you love leading women on
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:48 PM ):‎ and then not paying them for their time
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:48 PM ):‎ you've done your little paypal story song and dance 3 times and each time you claim you don't remember anything

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ No. I canceled that whole account and i don't take ambiens anymore. I will make you a deal
littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ I don't. They screw me up

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ the only deal that could possibly work is for you to just send me money and not talk to me.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:50 PM ):‎ I'll pay u $25 to remove anything you have posted about me. Ok

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ ROFL
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:50 PM ):‎ uh, you're going to have to pay me a LOT more than that if you want me to do ANYTHING for you
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:50 PM ):‎ I mean, this convo alone with your new screen name is going up there too when we're done here

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:51 PM ):‎ Oh ok. I can't go much higher than that. Thought i'd try to make amends for my stupidity

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:51 PM ):‎ my thong auction alone is at $56 and it's still got days to go

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:52 PM ):‎ Thong auction?

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:52 PM ):‎ lol then it's not my problem. I don't feel sorry for you; if you don't want your info online don't piss off sex-workers, idiot

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:53 PM ):‎ Ok. I can go $60. Just to be done. If you remove it all? That's all i can do right now.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:54 PM ):‎ I didn't try to tick u off. That's for sure. And i am truly sorry. I was trying to make up for it. But ok then .

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:53 PM ):‎ is this really causing a problem for you?
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:55 PM ):‎ I want to know how exactly this is affecting your life.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:56 PM ):‎ It is what it is. I was going to try to make it right with you. S

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:56 PM ):‎ I'll take it down for $100.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:56 PM ):‎ any less than that isn't acceptable.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:57 PM ):‎ Hmmm. You'll take every bit down for $100. Everything you have posted on me anywhere??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:57 PM ):‎ sure
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:57 PM ):‎ you know my paypal info. send it to kittyhot18@yahoo.com

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:58 PM ):‎ My only problem is I'm not sure you would.

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:58 PM ):‎ then that's your problem, isn't it?
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:58 PM ):‎ don't send it to me because you want me to take it down. send it to me as an apology for wasting mine and other women's time.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:59 PM ):‎ and I'll take the info down as an "apology accepted"

littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:01 PM ):‎ I will agree to that if you do, and i really am sorry. I'm done on here. That's for sure. Not cuz of you. But this isn't me. Can u take amazon

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:01 PM ):‎ why not paypal? I STRONGLY prefer it.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:02 PM ):‎ I will. But i'll have to do it when i get home.

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:02 PM ):‎ I'll wait then.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:03 PM ):‎ Ok.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:04 PM ):‎ And i am sorry for whatever i did. Seriously. And i do thank you by accepting my apology... And money... And removing it sll
littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:04 PM ):‎ All

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:04 PM ):‎ Is Kerry Postlewaite your real name? Is that really your facebook info?
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:07 PM ):‎ What you did, in case you're too dense and sexist to realize it, was basically like kicking a prostitute in the stomach after jerking off on her. Sex workers are *people*, I have a family and I need to support myself and men pay me to pretend to like them and it's all fantastic. It's little turds like you who ruin it for everyone by scamming a sex-worker out of her time which you SHOULD be paying for.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:09 PM ):‎ Given that I risk a LOT by being in this line of work, I have NO sympathy for any man who gets caught with his pants down while cheating a sex worker out of her fee.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:09 PM ):‎ the money is what makes this consensual. Without it, the shit you pull is just sexual harassment.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:10 PM ):‎ Be grateful I even take the time to explain this to you ON TOP of offering to take your info down in return for your money.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:12 PM ):‎ and, by the way, drugs don't make you sexually harass women online. They don't make you do anything that you don't already deep down think is ok. Drugs like Ambien might do a lot of things, but they don't turn people into chauvanist pigs out of thin air.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:13 PM ):‎ so don't think you can use Ambien as an excuse.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:14 PM ):‎ Actually, now that I think of it, for you I'll just take an amazon gift card.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:14 PM ):‎ $100 amazon gc, don't worry about paypal
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:14 PM ):‎ I'll take your info down as soon as I see it.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:16 PM ):‎ cause it looks like my post to the LJ blackmail community is the 5th hit when I google "kerry postlewait"
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:16 PM ):‎ man I can see how that could be awkward for you, heh

littleman2589 (Sep 06 2:54 PM ):‎ Sorry. Back. Do i send amazon to your email??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 2:54 PM ):‎ mmhm, an amazone giftcard to kittyhot18@yahoo.com should do the trick
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 2:54 PM ):‎ *amazon

littleman2589 (Sep 06 2:56 PM ):‎ Yes. Send gift card to your email. Kittyhot18@yahoo.com??
littleman2589 (Sep 06 2:57 PM ):‎ Amazon gift card

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 2:58 PM ):‎ yup

littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:00 PM ):‎ K
littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:04 PM ):‎ Hey. I sent. That's my sincere apology. I am sorry.

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:04 PM ):‎ good. I'll take it down as soon as I see the email; should show up shortly.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:05 PM ):‎ If I don't see it, I'll let you know.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:06 PM ):‎ Thank u. I truly am sorry. And thank you. Even if u take it all down I'm sure it's still out there somewhere.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:07 PM ):‎ Yes. Let me know. I've got to run.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:12 PM ):‎ Did it come?

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:13 PM ):‎ yup, just arrived

littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:14 PM ):‎ Ok. Again. I'm sorry. Enjoy your day. And thank you

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:14 PM ):‎ you just bought yourself a month without your name all over the internet. I'll repost everything, including this convo, on october 6th of course.
12 July 2012 @ 06:20 pm



12 July 2012 @ 02:17 pm

No word from Socksniffer----so time is up, that little bitch is banished. He'll have to fork over some serious  cash---I'm talking like a grand here---if he ever wants to get back in my good graces.

Fortunately that very night Jamal came into my life, promising to pony up *half his paycheck*---that's 3 grand a month---so that I'll degrade him nightly. Boy has a serious racial humiliation fetish, which is new territory for me, but I'm having fun reading racial humiliation stories to get ideas. Our first RP session went well; that boy is SUCH a fucking loser---he actually got hard when I described my big, white, german boyfriend beating the shit out of him in an alleyway for scaring me! Even better, he bought me $800 worth of furniture that very night:

 Now THAT is how you impress me! He even called the store to make sure the items were on their way. I gave him a fun little assignment last night, we'll see what he comes up with.

In other news, this morning I received a huge box full of books, paid for by my blackmail victim B. Lol you're still not off the hook boy, but for now you can breath just a little easier!



Oh Anne Rice. Such a guilty pleasure for your Goddess. You're not fooling anyone, btw Anne, with this catholic bullshit.

I always try to go back to the classics.


Super excited about this little Bonsai reference book. Not nearly as detailed as I'd like, but a nice little idea-book for the different varieties out there.

So happy about receiving this ultra rare 1968 edition!

The master of line....

...and of eroticism.

Buh-bye losers!


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12 July 2012 @ 01:15 pm

So one of my footbois was due his tribute the other day. He's so fucking pathetic; he works hard every day, lets me starve him so he wont waste his precious cash on food, and after his expenses like rent and utilities he still has only $400 to tribute me every month. But when his Goddess called and demanded $200 for the pleasure of being totally owned, this is what happened:
socksniffer@ymail.com: i understand that goddess... but you knew my situation too... i had a date last weekend... and i wasnt really saving... oh my

Kitty Hot: I understand. that changes nothing.

Kitty Hot: now stop pleading with me.

Kitty Hot: Send me money NOW. If it's less than $200 you'll be punished.

Kitty Hot: if I get no money at all, then clearly you are wasting my time.

socksniffer@ymail.com: no no i would never waste your time... goddess please allow me to send $50.. please i am begging you

Kitty Hot: if you think being punished is better than being kicked out of your apartment, by all means, send me $50

socksniffer@ymail.com: well goddess... i dont want to ruin anything... please ...

socksniffer@ymail.com: uhm... how are you going to punish me???

Kitty Hot: lol why would I tell you that before I see the money?

After some more pathetic whinging Socksniffer decides his snivelling $50 tribute is all he has to give and that punishment is better than banishment. Once I have MY cash....
Kitty Hot: now for your punishment

Kitty Hot: I want you to film yourself jerking your tiny cock. You'll be looking at pictures of Me as you do. As you stroke your little prick, say "I've been a bad boy, I'm sorry I couldn't pay you even half of the money I had. I know ALL my money belongs to you. I'm sorry I'm so pathetic. I need you to show me how pathetic I am. Look at how tiny my cock is, it could never pleasure any woman, I deserve to be laughed at. My only redeeming quality is the money I earn for you to drain."

Kitty Hot: Then, when you come, you are going to come into a clear plastic container. As you come, say "I am coming for you, Goddess, my cock and my wallet both belong to you!"

Kitty Hot: make sure to pump out every last bit of milk from that little prick of yours

socksniffer@ymail.com: o m g

Kitty Hot: then you are going to get very close to the camera and drink down every last drop of your own semen. When you can show me that the container is empty, lick your lips and say directly into the camera: "please Goddess forgive me."

socksniffer@ymail.com: what??* omg goddess...

socksniffer@ymail.com: goddess

socksniffer@ymail.com: pleaseee

Kitty Hot: nope. no discussion.

socksniffer@ymail.com: i will drink your mans sperm.. please dont make me do that

Kitty Hot: what did I just say? NO DISCUSSION.

Kitty Hot: I want to see that video by ten p.m. today, my time.

Kitty Hot:If I don't see it consider yourself abandoned.

LOL man I can't wait to see whether or not Sockboy is fucked up enough to go through with it. That'll teach him to save all his cash for ME, the ONLY Woman in his life!
10 July 2012 @ 09:51 pm

Hello losers, I've decided to let you all have a bit of a glimpse into my life so that you can better get to know who you serve. My Man and I got ourselves a pretty little house in Hamden---our old apartment was nice, but fucking Americans and their shitty taste had to take a beautiful house and ruin it with nouveau riche renovations. We tried to put some class back into it, but nothing helped the fact that our neighborhood wasn't safe at night.

Now your Goddess can walk around her beautiful new neighborhood in the middle of the night and not fear for Her life!

Future private library and reading room....

Living Room

Adorable Kitchen

There are so many things I want to do with this house! And I know just how I'll do them---by draining the wallets of all my helpless little piggies one by one :)

I have a lot of plans for this site and for My presence in general online. I've decided to start doing clips as soon as I have a room to record them in. What do you think, losers? What kinds of clips would you pony up your cash for?


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