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New auction! Bid Here to Win! From the item description:

"Hello boys, You're bidding on a pair of pink fullback panties, made out of a stretchy cotton material. These are definitely for guys who like full coverage! Very comfortable for me to wear all day and sleep in at night. It's been unseasonably warm here in Baltimore, but I'm still sleeping in my soft thick flannel sheets. My days are so hectic and filled with deadlines that in the evening I have to play with my pussy in order to relax and fall asleep. I love the feel of teasing myself through my panties, spreading my moisture around the cotton crotch hugging my pussy lips, surrounded by my soft flannel sheets, which trap my mounting body heat and create a sauna beneath the covers, contrasting with the cool air on my face and breasts. When I can't take it anymore, I pull my panties aside and assault my defenseless clit, now humming with anticipation. I bring myself to the very edge before backing off, stroking my swollen nether lips and flicking my engorged nipples, before diving back into action. Eventually my body can no longer resist my prolonged assault, and I am driven over the edge, arching my back as I feel my pussy flood with thick cream. It's only afterwards, while I lay panting and sweaty, that I wonder if the neighbors could hear my cries. I almost instantly fall asleep, often before I can even unglue my fingers/vibrator from my pussy! The next morning I am treated to the sight of a giant dollop of congealed pussy-juice in the center of a big moist diamond on the crotch of my panties. My panties can be yours if you bid and win! The knowledge that some man out there can't wait to lick and suck every droplet of my juices out of the panties I'm wearing right now gets me so wet and hot. I want to see you fight for the right to suck every last particle of my Goddess juices off the crotch of these filthy, nasty, smelly panties. Jerk yourself as you inhale my pungent Goddess scents emenating from my dirtiest places!"

05 January 2013 @ 04:01 pm


Alright. I want these shoes.  $145. Size 7. I'll wear them with black skinny jeans and a billowy silk floral blouse, or with grey tights and a 50's shirtwaist dress. I was born to wear that peach pink.

So what do you want?

A gift box full of my wettest, filthiest panties?

My used vibrator, still covered in my juices?

A box full of my nasty gym sneakers?

A bag of smelly socks and panty-hose?

A video of me bringing myself over the edge?

Make a request; email me @ kittyhot18@yahoo.com, or comment here (comments are screened). If your terms suit me, I'll tell you where to ship them.



PS. I'm keeping up more with my regular blog here; if you want more updates for when I do auctions, and ESPECIALLY if you want to see more pics of me, go there.
07 September 2012 @ 12:29 pm
I haven't slept all night and just came up with the courage to write this now as I feel I have no other option.
What you wrote and did is literally killing me and I'm asking for your help. Let me explain please.
In late February 2009, after being without work for 8 months, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst shakes and sweat I've ever
experienced. This lasted for 2 days where I could not sleep a wink. I decided to go to a walk in clinic.
They diagnosed that I had hypertenison (high blood pressure). They put me on medication. Then came the
day I will never forget. May 7 2009. I was walking to work at my current job after only being there 2 weeks.
I suffered a heart attack. Let me tell you it's not the most pleasant thing to experience. I was off work for some time.
They could have easily let me go after that as I was still in my "probation" period. They didn't. They opened their arms
to me and helped me deal with this horrible thing that a young man should not have to deal with. I owe them my life.
I have been pretty good since then. Obviously changing my diet and lifestyle along the way.
When I saw your post it was almost like that night in late February. I can feel my blood pressure skyrocketing.
I'm asking you as one human being to another to please remove it. [KITTY'S REAL NAME] I know I was wrong in what I did in
the past but you know I never meant any harm. I genuinely thought you were a cool person and loved your artwork. That's it.
I don't know why I wrote you a few weeks ago. Maybe it was to see if you accepted my apology. Trust me I felt horrible. I'm off work today
so I guess I'll deal with what they have to say next week. I'm not looking forward to it as I feel I let them down in some way.
My main concern right now is my health. Please find it in your heart to help my heart. I'm going to try to forget any of this
ever happened. Again I'm sorry for contacting you again but I hope you'll understand I have no other option. I want to live.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. If you want me to provide proof of anything medical related please don't hesitate to ask.

What do you think, pigs, should I have pity on my stalker because he has health problems and he doesn't want his work to know what a creepy fucking stalker he is?

Here is my response. Normally I wouldn't respond to him at all, but after sending it I blocked him entirely.

You don't listen when a woman says no. You don't listen when a woman says no MULTIPLE TIMES. That makes you, despite your best intentions, a creep. That's the sort of shit that defines a rapist, and abusers. You think you somehow have the right to talk to me whenever you want, and it doesn't matter if you scare the fuck out of me because YOU know you're a good guy, right? That displays a stunning lack of empathy on your part. You don't respect my "no", you don't respect my "do not ever contact me again".

You fucked up, and you continue to fuck up by emailing me LONG after I told you explicitly "do not ever contact me again." I don't have any sympathy for you at all---and you coming to me and asking for some sympathy means you TRULY DO NOT UNDERSTAND why what you're doing is creepy and stalkerish.

Your intentions do not matter at all. How dare you demand anything of me. The post stays up, and I hope you DO feel horrible---maybe then you'll learn to respect women and listen to them when they tell you to STOP CONTACTING THEM.

In closing, here is a really well written, helpful guide on creepy behavior and how not to be a creep: http://captainawkward.com/2012/08/11/the-c-word/#more-3779 Read it like it's the holy book of your new religion. AND STOP FUCKING CONTACTING ME.
06 September 2012 @ 03:59 pm
gregg.roland:can i suck your toes

Kitty Hot:Can you not read? $20 paypal/amazon gc before messaging me.

gregg.roland:can you not use your skills to blackmail me and make sure you get money for the rest of my life

Kitty Hot:Lol EVERY blackmail slave says that.

Kitty Hot:Pay tribute and THEN we can talk about blackmail.

gregg.roland:i suppose i just need a Goddess to spend 10 min with me taking all the information she wants while making me horny and then turning on me and focing me to do what she says

Kitty Hot:$20 gets you my blackmail form, which you fill out with all your personal info and send back.

Kitty Hot:Do you realize the likelihood of you giving me false info for 10 min and then signing off after you orgasm?

Kitty Hot:It's up there with the likelihood that the earth is fucking round.

gregg.roland:yes Goddess i do realize that but you know what i have had a few beers already am getting horny would send you pics of me to use once you get me to that stage telling me you just want to laugh at me

Kitty Hot:You are not listening to me.

Kitty Hot:20$

Looking through my chat history, it seems like Gregg.roland can't remember which Dommes he contacts, because I gave him my rules several times. I'm starting to think I just need a shitlist tag. Some other Findoms and blackmail queens have come to me with their own stories about these time wasters making the rounds, and it seems logical to just have a shitlist posted online. Ladies, feel free to contact me with your shitlist so we can compile.

In other shitlist news, I just got off the phone with Piero D'Aloisio 's HR department. This scumbag used to buy panties from me, but then he found out my real name and friended me on FB, pretending to be JUST a fan of my editorial art. He paid for some art prints, but was incessantly emailing me, trying to chat me up on Facebook, and when I de-friended him for being creepy and annoying  he DEMANDED that I re-friend him. The guy was a giant red flag, and tbh just by the way he talked to me I was pretty sure he was a former fetish client of mine. He finally came clean and told me he was a client, and I tore him a new asshole for daring to cross that client/sex-worker line into my personal life. I told him to never contact me again, obviously. At the time he seemed remorseful, but then sure enough a month later he emails me again, saying "sorry to bother you, I just thought you'd find this link funny! ha ha!" as if we were pals!

So rather than pointlessly asking him again to respect my wishes, I contacted his workplace---Arc Productions in Toronto. I got on the phone with their HR department and told them EVERYTHING, all about his stalking and harassment. They knew who he was and sounded shocked and very uncomfortable, but I was told the appropriate actions would be taken.

Remember, creep, I have your real name, your email addresses, and your home address. Stop fucking with me.


This post would be a real downer if that was all I had to say, BUT some of you know how to treat a Goddess right!

Slave Maddruma sent me $45 out of the blue and I rewarded him by sitting over my ipad cam so he could pretend I was sitting on his face! Lucky boy got to see my pretty pussy in all its live glory.

Saturday I'll be getting a pedicure done thanks to Slave B's tribute, and my newest slave Anthony sent me $62 for a beautiful pair of vintage cinnamon colored suede boots with pheasant feathers at the ankles, perfect for autumn!

I wonder what I'll get with my new $100 amazon gc from the blackmail loser in my last post? Maybe I can finally buy a high-end vibe for myself :)
[NAME REDACTED] spent all morning bribing me to take down the posts I'd made about him. He finally sent me a $100 gift card...little did he know that only bought him a month of my compliance! On October 6 I repost everything, including his little bribe pity-party below:

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:40 PM ): Hey. This is me from other account. I did see awhile back you posted me on the net for not tributing??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:45 PM ):‎ "This is me from another account"? how the hell should I know who you are from that.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:45 PM ):‎ be a little more specific

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ Step daughter. Apparently i was on sleep pills. I'm sorry about all that

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:46 PM ):‎ Oh christ you.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:48 PM ):‎ Yes. How did i offend you??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ Except I've heard from multiple other women that you do the same thing to them; they commented on my lj about your stupid "paypal story"
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ you're not sorry
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:47 PM ):‎ you love leading women on
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:48 PM ):‎ and then not paying them for their time
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:48 PM ):‎ you've done your little paypal story song and dance 3 times and each time you claim you don't remember anything

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ No. I canceled that whole account and i don't take ambiens anymore. I will make you a deal
littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ I don't. They screw me up

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ the only deal that could possibly work is for you to just send me money and not talk to me.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:50 PM ):‎ I'll pay u $25 to remove anything you have posted about me. Ok

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:49 PM ):‎ ROFL
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:50 PM ):‎ uh, you're going to have to pay me a LOT more than that if you want me to do ANYTHING for you
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:50 PM ):‎ I mean, this convo alone with your new screen name is going up there too when we're done here

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:51 PM ):‎ Oh ok. I can't go much higher than that. Thought i'd try to make amends for my stupidity

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:51 PM ):‎ my thong auction alone is at $56 and it's still got days to go

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:52 PM ):‎ Thong auction?

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:52 PM ):‎ lol then it's not my problem. I don't feel sorry for you; if you don't want your info online don't piss off sex-workers, idiot

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:53 PM ):‎ Ok. I can go $60. Just to be done. If you remove it all? That's all i can do right now.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:54 PM ):‎ I didn't try to tick u off. That's for sure. And i am truly sorry. I was trying to make up for it. But ok then .

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:53 PM ):‎ is this really causing a problem for you?
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:55 PM ):‎ I want to know how exactly this is affecting your life.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:56 PM ):‎ It is what it is. I was going to try to make it right with you. S

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:56 PM ):‎ I'll take it down for $100.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:56 PM ):‎ any less than that isn't acceptable.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:57 PM ):‎ Hmmm. You'll take every bit down for $100. Everything you have posted on me anywhere??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:57 PM ):‎ sure
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:57 PM ):‎ you know my paypal info. send it to kittyhot18@yahoo.com

littleman2589 (Sep 06 12:58 PM ):‎ My only problem is I'm not sure you would.

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:58 PM ):‎ then that's your problem, isn't it?
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:58 PM ):‎ don't send it to me because you want me to take it down. send it to me as an apology for wasting mine and other women's time.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 12:59 PM ):‎ and I'll take the info down as an "apology accepted"

littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:01 PM ):‎ I will agree to that if you do, and i really am sorry. I'm done on here. That's for sure. Not cuz of you. But this isn't me. Can u take amazon

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:01 PM ):‎ why not paypal? I STRONGLY prefer it.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:02 PM ):‎ I will. But i'll have to do it when i get home.

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:02 PM ):‎ I'll wait then.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:03 PM ):‎ Ok.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:04 PM ):‎ And i am sorry for whatever i did. Seriously. And i do thank you by accepting my apology... And money... And removing it sll
littleman2589 (Sep 06 1:04 PM ):‎ All

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:04 PM ):‎ Is [NAME REDACTED] your real name? Is that really your facebook info?
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:07 PM ):‎ What you did, in case you're too dense and sexist to realize it, was basically like kicking a prostitute in the stomach after jerking off on her. Sex workers are *people*, I have a family and I need to support myself and men pay me to pretend to like them and it's all fantastic. It's little turds like you who ruin it for everyone by scamming a sex-worker out of her time which you SHOULD be paying for.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:09 PM ):‎ Given that I risk a LOT by being in this line of work, I have NO sympathy for any man who gets caught with his pants down while cheating a sex worker out of her fee.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:09 PM ):‎ the money is what makes this consensual. Without it, the shit you pull is just sexual harassment.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:10 PM ):‎ Be grateful I even take the time to explain this to you ON TOP of offering to take your info down in return for your money.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:12 PM ):‎ and, by the way, drugs don't make you sexually harass women online. They don't make you do anything that you don't already deep down think is ok. Drugs like Ambien might do a lot of things, but they don't turn people into chauvanist pigs out of thin air.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:13 PM ):‎ so don't think you can use Ambien as an excuse.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:14 PM ):‎ Actually, now that I think of it, for you I'll just take an amazon gift card.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:14 PM ):‎ $100 amazon gc, don't worry about paypal
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:14 PM ):‎ I'll take your info down as soon as I see it.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:16 PM ):‎ cause it looks like my post to the LJ blackmail community is the 5th hit when I google "[NAME REDACTED]"
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 1:16 PM ):‎ man I can see how that could be awkward for you, heh

littleman2589 (Sep 06 2:54 PM ):‎ Sorry. Back. Do i send amazon to your email??

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 2:54 PM ):‎ mmhm, an amazone giftcard to kittyhot18@yahoo.com should do the trick
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 2:54 PM ):‎ *amazon

littleman2589 (Sep 06 2:56 PM ):‎ Yes. Send gift card to your email. Kittyhot18@yahoo.com??
littleman2589 (Sep 06 2:57 PM ):‎ Amazon gift card

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 2:58 PM ):‎ yup

littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:00 PM ):‎ K
littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:04 PM ):‎ Hey. I sent. That's my sincere apology. I am sorry.

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:04 PM ):‎ good. I'll take it down as soon as I see the email; should show up shortly.
kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:05 PM ):‎ If I don't see it, I'll let you know.

littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:06 PM ):‎ Thank u. I truly am sorry. And thank you. Even if u take it all down I'm sure it's still out there somewhere.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:07 PM ):‎ Yes. Let me know. I've got to run.
littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:12 PM ):‎ Did it come?

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:13 PM ):‎ yup, just arrived

littleman2589 (Sep 06 3:14 PM ):‎ Ok. Again. I'm sorry. Enjoy your day. And thank you

kittyhot18 (Sep 06 3:14 PM ):‎ you just bought yourself a month without your name all over the internet. I'll repost everything, including this convo, on october 6th of course.
04 September 2012 @ 06:37 pm

Bid here to win this green Victoria's Secret thong! An exciting time in the lives of my worshippers, when they have the chance to glimpse heaven in the fabric of their Goddess's underwear. But only one of my would-be slaves will prove that they are truly worthy of such a sacred item! I expect all of you reading this to fight for the chance to inhale the scents emanating from this scrap of fabric that lives nestled between my ass-cheeks! Moments after listing my auction, some love-sick fool has already placed his bid. Seeing you losers compete against each other makes my day, so get to it!
27 July 2012 @ 11:48 am
We're down to the final week before everything has to be moved in. What with illustration deadlines, a house that is full of unpacked boxes, and the unrelenting torrent of losers hoping to score a free wank by trying to get me to talk to them without first paying tribute, your Goddess was feeling pretty frazzled.


It's been what, 3 weeks? 10 pages of losers wasting my time. Maybe 4 subs have actually been worth the air they breathed. When I refuse to engage with shit-eating subs trying to make me talk about their fetishes without paying me, they get angry and call me a whore, and claim that "women like me are just here to beg men like them for money".

Generally, sexist slurs and insulting what I do is a good way to get me to tell you to kill yourself, and to get blocked. It's astounding how misogynist some slaves are at their core, how entitled they really feel to a Domme's time and energy. They think We're here for them, when it's actually the other way around. I certainly don't "beg" anyone for money---just like a doctor doesn't beg patients to pay for the care they need. If you can't pay or aren't insured, a doctor doesn't have to treat you. Why should I talk to any pathetic freak who calls himself a slave if he can't send proper tribute?

Fortunately, there are SOME slaves who know how the real world works and their place in it. My new slave Hi was so eager to serve me that he told me to contact him once the book he'd bought off my wishlist had arrived. Lucky for him, it arrived yesterday!


Anyways, I finally got a chance to relax when Mistress Genie showed up for dinner. You may remember her as the fellow Domme I do panty and sock auctions with on occasion, and the Lady with whom I go riding. She's newly single and excited to have lots of new sexy adventures :) I cooked herbed chicken breast with golden potatoes, she brought the pinot noir, and a box full of toys! After dinner we were feeling pretty buzzed, and went up to the bedroom. While my Man was putting dishes away, Mistress Genie and I conspired. As soon as my Man came upstairs, we stripped him and shackled him to the bed. We then lay on top of him and started making out with each other, while he could only watch and feel our bodies writhing against him. Mistress Genie played with my pert tits and pussy, and then it was her turn to lay back and enjoy. She pumped my man's cock in her hand while I suckled her plump breasts and ate her sweet pussy out. It's been so long since I've gone down on a girl, I was in heaven! My Man has always wanted to see Mistress Genie and I fuck, and he was so hard and ready by the time Mistress Genie came all over my face. Asking her what she'd like to do next, she replied that she'd never pegged a man before....


Mistress Genie wears my purple Feeldoe and leather harness, with my feet in the foreground. We unshackled my Man's legs from the bed, and Mistress Genie bent his legs and roped his calves to his thighs. My Man is no newcomer to pegging, but he was in for a rough ride as Mistress Genie plunged her purple silicone cock into his ass. Her powerful muscular body rode him as I knelt over his face and he ate me out; I twisted back to pump his cock, and when he came he shot cum all up my back.

Exhausted and spent, the three of us headed to the shower for a nice rinse off, and then collapsed into bed. Any losers reading knows he could only DREAM of being mistreated so badly by two beautiful young Goddesses such as ourselves. Open your wallets and feel your Goddess drain you of the only thing your worth---your cash!
24 July 2012 @ 12:14 pm


When I'm not sifting through the mountain of slave applications (only half a percent who turn out to be worthwhile), I can be found at my drafting table, working on freelance editorial work for various national magazines and newspapers. I decided to let you all have a peek into my work space while I warm up for the evening's work.








Just a little copy of a drawing from one of my favorite illustrators---an exercise i do at the start to loosen my wrist.
17 July 2012 @ 09:31 am
I woke up early today to find this in my collarme inbox:

So you're a “financial Dom,” you mean you're a Domme. In other words your a prostitute, prostitution is not legal and can get you at least one year in prison,

Go work the streets and get off this site you are not wanted on this site.

You don't like that I call you a prostitute then move on and get off this site.

Also it's only a small amount of time before we lock you up, and we will do this, we know who you are and we have your profile as proof that you are soliciting.

When you see the shiny badge you will know what I'm saying.

Have a nice day as this may be the last day that is free for you.

I like how scary he's trying to be. I could have torn him a new one, but I realized he's just a child who needs his hand held. However, he blocked me (real brave of you) so I'll just have to post my response here:
ROTFL oh son....baby....let me explain some things to you.

First of all, till I see that shiny gold telling me you're an admin, you have no business speaking for this site. Second, judging by the fact that I already have over a hundred messages from slaves actively seeking a blackmail or findomme relationship, and by the fact that the TOS explicitly states that FinDommes are welcome here, I am indeed very much wanted on this site. It is you who are the problem.

Now I am going to explain some things to you so can understand how our legal system, and our cultural definitions, work.

First of all, yes, I am a sex worker. I have been so for a long time. What is a sex worker? Anyone who sells a sexual kind of service. ProDommes/Dominatrixes like me are a kind of sex worker. Strippers are sex workers. Geishas are sex workers. Porn Stars are sex workers. Cam girls are sex workers. Phone sex line operators are sex workers. And all of these professions are absolutely legal! :) Even erotic massage with a happy ending, which I used to do, is legal. It is my SLAVES who are sometimes uncomfortable with the fact that I am a sex worker---they would like to think I am special somehow, but I am not. But also, yes, prostitution is sex work, and it is NOT legal---the law defines sex as anything involving a penis going into an orifice (which is rather hetero-sexist and phallocentric, don't you think? I'd like the definition expanded myself). Having this kind of sex for money, when it isn't in porn (wtf) is illegal----still, most cops understand that this is unfair, and these days mostly only prosecute the pimps if any are involved, or people who traffick minors or illegal immigrants. The law will eventually change----prostitution is legal in several first world countries in Europe, including the UK and Amsterdam. Because it is legal there, prostitutes are able to report violent clients to the police, are able to get regular testing, and report their income on their taxes. I consider prostitutes my sisters; I believe that any woman has the right to do with her body whatever she wants so long as it is with another consenting adult, so no, I'm not at all insulted when you call me a prostitute. But legally, I am not one, and never have been, so no I don't think the police will be paying me a visit any time soon :) However they may use my services!

I hope that cleared some things up for you. Have a nice day!